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HI. This would be doramatikku's graphic community. I do layouts, icons, and banners, and um...the occasional "other" like gifs or something. Everything is free of use, as long as you follow my rules.

○ If you take, PLEASE CREDIT! You can use either doramatikku or xromantikku, it doesn't really matter. For layouts, I've already put the credit in the layout beforehand. For icons, please credit me in the keywords space in your edit userpics page. For whatever else, credit me in your userinfo. ^^

○ No direct-linking. Upload to your own server, please ♥ There are tons of picture-uploading sites in the web, two of the popular ones being Image Shack (I recommend this one for my layout especially headers :x), Photobucket, which I use. :D

NO stealing! I worked hard for this stuff and it's just really mean if you take it and say it's yours. Sorry, you can't edit the layout and the icons in any way, not even the icons that are kind of plain-looking 'cos they are not bases unless stated otherwise.

That's all. :3

LOL yay testimony XD You can write one, too! Ummm...I donno' where...maybe I'll make a testimony post or something... but as of now, my super lover, d4rkbutt3rfly wrote me one!


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♡ do you want to be? just ask. it's a little lonely with just four communities, isn't it? XD